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Dr. Lee Pennington

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             LEE PENNINGTON is the author of 19 books including I knew a Woman (1977) and Thigmotropism (1993)–both nominated for Pulitzer Prize. He has had over 1300 poems published in more than 300 magazines in America and abroad. He has had nine plays produced, wrote the script for The Moonshine War (MGM, 1970, starring Alan Alda, Richard Widmark, etc.), and has published thousands of articles in everything from Playgirl to Mountain Life and Work. Since 1990, through his video production company, JoLe Productions (,  Lee, along with his late wife, Joy, produced 23 documentaries including In Search of the Mudmen (1990), Wales: History in Bondage (1995), and Secret of the Stones (1998), Eyes that Look at  the Sky: The Mystery of Easter Island (2001), The Mound Builders (2001), The Serpent Fort: Solving the Mystery of Fort Mountain, Georgia (2005), Let Me Not Drown on the Waters: Fred Rydholm, Michigan’s “Mr. Copper” and Sometimes You Clean, Sometimes You Litter: The Amazing Warner Sizemore.  His most recent documentary is Room to Fly: Anne Caudill’s Album. Lee is a graduate Berea College in KY and the University of Iowa.  He holds two Honorary Doctor degrees: Doctor of Literature from World University, and Doctor of Philosophy in Arts from The Academy of Southern Arts and Letters. He taught for nearly 40 years, the last 32 as Professor of English and creative writing at University of Kentucky Jefferson Community College until he retired in 1999  He has traveled extensively (in all the United States, all the Canadian Provinces except one,  and  in 78 foreign countries). In 2013 the University of Louisville opened THE LEE AND JOY PENNINGTON CULTURAL HERITAGE GALLERY which will house all of his works as well as the University’s rarest items such as first editions of Copernicus, Galileo, and Newton.  Lee presently lives in Kratz House, a designated historic home, in Middletown, KY with Jill Baker, an artist who illustrated many of Lee’s books. For the past ten years, he has served as president of the Ancient Kentucke Historical Association, a group dedicated to the study and research of pre-Columbian contact in the Americas.


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King Arthur in America — Dr. Lee Pennington

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World-renowned forensic historian, author and poet, Dr. Lee Pennington, from Louisville, Kentucky, presented discoveries made of the presence of King Arthur along with his brother, Prince Madoc, in America during the mid 6th century. A host of artifacts and records were on display.

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The presentation took place on Saturday, March 26, in the Irem Temple Country Club, Dallas, and included a buffet dinner.


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The ‘St. Patrick’ No One Wants To Hear About

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There were 3 possibilities of a Saint Patrick, all Khumric “Welsh” too.

  1. Patrick, the son of Alfred, the son of Goronwy, of Gwareddog on Arvon who lived in the time of St. Elvod, and belonged to the college of Cybi in Anglesey, of which he was a saint. But not the Patrick of Ireland.
  2. Patrick son of Gwyndeg and brother of Gynyr of Caer Gawch.  Ther are many saints in the progeny and family Gynyr of Caer Gawch.  Non Vendigaid (the Blessed), the mother of St. David and the daughter of Gynyr of Caer Gawch etc., refer to Britainy – late 5th early 6th century.  The dates do not fit the time period.

The “Life of St Patrick” is quite explicit. He was born at Tair Onen c. AD 373 (Three Ash Trees) a tiny hamlet around 1 mile east of Cowbridge in Glamorgan, South Wales. He attended the Monastery on the coast later known as Llan Illtyd Fawr, now Llantwit Major (an English concealing name).

Irish raiders – who practised sudden hit and run raids before the military could get at them, seized Patrick.

One way or another he was set free when the eldest son of Cunada Wledig crossed over and seized South East Ireland – Leinster, where he set himself up as king there.

This set Patrick free and he and later returned to South East Wales.

Patrick then wanted to go back to Ireland to spread Christianity there.

The South East Wales Apostolic Christian rulers refused to allow this.

So Patrick went to Gaul-France where the ‘British Church’ had spread and to to persuade the religious chiefs there to ordain him to go to spread Christianity in Ireland.

They wanted to get rid of him – so they ordained him and told him to go spread Christianity in Ireland.

A Welsh King had conquered Leinster and was ruling that South East region of Ireland and he was the eldest son of the Cuneda Wledig- Battle Sovereign – who had ejected Irish settlers from Gwynedd in North West Wales.

The British-Welsh seized Leinster in order to end the Irish nuisance.

In the soon to be released writings it is obvious that the North Welsh Prince who set himself up in that part of Ireland, was the person who then set Patrick free and allowed him to return to Wales.

Patrick then got the idea of returned to that Leinster zone and spreading Christianity.

Our researchers have investigated all this but have not published the full account of it yet. Book to be coming soon, ‘The Real St. Patrick’ – Michael A. Clark contributing editor based on the works of M A Kelly

The Irish do not like the idea of anyone conquering parts of Ireland in antiquity but facts are facts.


MORE…that St Patrick “of Ireland” came from Glamorgan in South East Wales, King Arthur, II country. – Our researchers will be providing much more…

Anyway, more collaborating agree there were three old saints all named Patrick.

One was of around AD 550 – 600 and plainly from the North of Britain and no one thought he was the correct one.

The other two establishment loudly advertises St Patrick from Gwynedd in North Wales.
 They actually state that St Patrick was a son of Alfred an Englishman.
They state that he was at Bangor Monastery.
They state that he was in the time of Bishop Elfodd

As St Patrick is dated as being in Ireland circa AD 317 – 337 all this is strange.
First, the Bangor Monastery was founded in the time of Maelgwn Gwynedd – ie around AD 570 – 600
A bit late for St Patrick of Ireland.
Second the Bishop Elfodd is VERY WELL recorded and he was of the AD 790 – 820 era.
 Again some 500 years out of time.
 St Patrick was born at Tair Onen – Three Ash trees in Glamorgan about 1 mile East of Cowbridge – Bonaventum
 all very well recorded and he was educated at the great Llantwit Major Monastic College in Glamorgan.

This is the sort of blatant hypocrisy currently practised by the devious academic political establishment.
Transfer Patrick – VERY WELL DETAILED RECORDED – out of South East Wales.
 Move him as far away as possible to the North West.
Then shift him to an impossible time frame in a monastery that did not exist,
Then make his Abbot-Bishop to be Elfodd who was known as The Traitor.
 Elfodd proposed transferring from Apostolic British Church to the Roman Catholic Church.
 This then suitably allows St Patrick to be transferred in religion. – Alan Wilson.




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Welshman of the Year – Chris Flynn

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Picture Caption:   Remarks by Dr. Richard M. Loomis (left ) — Chris Flynn (right)

This is a first for us. As The Welsh Cultural Endeavor of Northeastern Pennsylvania is not a society and has no members, we do have a lot of supporters, donors, and people who dedicate an enormous amount of time, thus making this non-profit, pure public charity, cultural organization a success. After over 8 years in existence, we have something to show for ourselves and to the Welsh community both locally and abroad. We pride ourselves as being the regions most progressive Welsh ethnic awareness group of interested Cymry.

The Board of Directors decided that with this record, it was time to start recognizing those who have brought this ‘interest group’ to high achievement. In reality, no one person is responsible for our success, and it doesn’t really take any formal talent to perform difficult and sometimes frustrating tasks. We’ve come to realize that ordinary people can and do most often rise to the occasion, only to realize that they can contribute to something great and beyond what they ever imagined. These are the people who rarely make the mainstream press articles, receive shiny medallions and rarely are recognized for their efforts. Many times these are the people rarely seen, but it they who are the ones behind the scenes making sure everything performs to expectations.

The person this year to be recognized and honored is Chris Flynn, a resident of Shavertown.

Chris, however is no ordinary person. Chris did not start out well early in life. Being raised in an orphanage was more than a challenge and his formal education stopped at that point for the most part. For 40 years plus Chris was an auto mechanic; he could change out an engine, install ball-joints, diagnose electrical and fuel systems with regard to engines and rebuild transmissions. In later years Chris turned his attention to recreational marine products such as boats, motors and trailers where he caught on to the vast differences of operation in the marine environment. When the repair manual suggested one method, Chris could usually figure out another more logical approach to solve a problem. When Chris ‘formally’ retired from full time employment, he kept his himself busy repairing autos and boats when needed. But he didn’t stop there. Always longing for knowledge on subjects that interested him and being denied a real formal education, Chris set out on another path despite caring for his ailing and long time wife Barbara of 40 years. She sadly passed away in 2011.

This time it was back to formal school to study the composition and make up of ‘gadgets’ that he loves to work with, namely computers. Studying full time during the past several years, Chris earned two Associates degrees, one in Network Administration and a second one in Network Administration and Security. Not stopping there he is pursuing his third Associates degree, this time in Computer Science & Programing. Chris has been an asset to his church dedicating much time to the technology aspect at High Point Baptist Church in Larksville and with their children’s programs and activities.

As for the Welsh Cultural Endeavor of Northeastern Pennsylvania, Chris has dedicated many late hours, week days and weekends directing mailers for fundraiser activities, preparing programs such as the Evan Roberts Revival Project titled Revival – Heavenly Inspired Holiness or Man Made Hoax ?, which was created by this organizational effort. At numerous Welsh gatherings, Chris was always working with us in some technical capacity. He still is!

Judging by the surname Flynn, it doesn’t appear to be too Welsh like most people here nowadays. But Chris is Welsh as he identifies that his grandfather, Mark Wilde, on mother’s side, emanated from Cardiff.

Despite enduring two serious heart attacks, in which one he drove himself to the hospital, he carries yet another full-time schedule without a hitch. What Chris won’t tell you is that his real badge of honor is being covered in grease and oil after successfully completing a complicated repair. But things do change!

Our hats off to you Chris – Welshman Of The Year and diolch yn fawr for all you have done!


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  “ Who controls the past” — “controls the future”:

      who controls the present controls the past”

~ George Orwell’s ‘1984’ ~ © 1949


The Welsh Cultural Endeavor of Northeastern Pennsylvania


“Whatever was true now was true from everlasting to ever lasting


*      All history was a palimpsest, scraped clean and reinscribed exactly as often as was necessary


*      Most of the material that you were dealing with had no connection with anything in the real world, not even the kind of connection that is contained in a direct lie


*      All that was needed was an unending series of victories over your own memory” – [generational]”




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